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One of my favorite pictures because I never want to forget his little hugs, and tiny arms wrapped around my legs. Sometimes it is just for a hug and sometimes it’s the reminder he wants to be held.

Mother and Son Date Ideas

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I have been meaning to post these pictures forever. I had been dying to go to the ranunculus fields in Carlsbad since before Cody and I got married. The lady who did the flowers for my wedding (we got married in La Jolla just a couple minutes from here) told me about this place and I have been so anxious to go but was never in the area at the right time until this year! It was the last weekend it was open and I was so happy to make it before it closed especially at the age Beckam is. I can’t remember when it started but I jokingly had him smell some flowers when he was like one-ish and did pig noises as I smelt them, he thought it was the funniest thing in the world so now every time he sees flowers he makes the same noise. It’s a silly two second thing but it’s made going to places like this that much greater because of those silly, special moments.

Cody and I have been trying to spend more one on one time with the kids. We love family time but it’s fun to have one on one time and get a different dynamic out of them. I put together some fun Mommy-Son Date ideas we like to do to maybe spark some ideas for you and your mini:

10 Mommy and Son Date Ideas:

  1. Plan a Trip – Adventures create some of the best memories. I’ve done annual trips a lone with Beckam since he was little and they are some of my most cherished moments.
  2. Go on a Hike
  3. Make A Treat Together – Honestly I am not the best cook! But I got on this chocolate chip cookie binge a couple weeks ago and made cookies three days in a row (I kept wanting to tweak the recipe) anyways B woke up for two weeks straight saying “Mommy – make cookies” and would pull his chair over to the counter. I’m not sure if he just wanted sugar for breakfast 😉 But I loved that he wanted to bake with me everyday.
  4. Splash Pad – I think all kids love playing in the water! 🙂
  5. Go to the Library – it’s so sad how much we all rely on technology. I am so guilty of it too! But books are still such a major part of kids lives! All the kids get so excited to go the library, I really need to make it their with them more! (I just need to be better about returning them on time 🙂 – I get late fees – always!)
  6. Hide and Seek – ok this seems so basic but toddlers especially can play this for hours!! I was dying the other day B climbed into one of the suitcases and legit popped out and yelled boo when I walked by I was dying laughing because usually his hiding places are like three feet away and he just turns and faces the wall and says “Mom come find me” and I pretend I don’t see him two feet in front of me lol.
  7. Art Class/Craft – Pinterest is the mecca for arts and crafts ideas! You can’t go wrong.
  8. Feed the Ducks – This was one of my favorite things to do as a kid and I love that he gets so excited to do this together!
  9. Fly Kites – A few weeks ago we randomly came across a kite festival in Salt Lake, we just wandered over to watch and the sweetest lady gave B one of her dollar kites and he thought it was the best thing in the world!
  10. Water Fight- I got B a dollar squirt bottle from those bins when you walk in the door at Target (not a squirt gun but the plastic mister bottles) and it is still one of his favorite toys! I think he has ruined our couches from spraying them but he loves chasing me around trying to spray me! I keep forgetting to pick another one up at the store so we can have a mini water fight 🙂

These are just a few ideas I hope they spawn some ideas of your own! Also I  saw a mom on pinterest put all her date night ideas for her kids in a box and she would let her kids draw and choose one on the day of their “date night” I love that idea for the older kids I am totally going to steal it 🙂 What are some of your favorite date night activities with your kids?

Pin for later:

10 mom and son date ideas

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XX, Christine

Ranunculus Fields

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